Police Department

Police Department / Animal Control / Codes Enforcement
Kelly Cole, Police Chief

401 S. Main St. (street address)
903.763.4410 (phone) / 903.763.4447 (fax)
Emergency DIAL 911
or contact Wood County Dispatch 903.763.2201

To all new and current Quitman residents:

This is provided to you by the Quitman Police Department to welcome you to Quitman and let you know about a few of the City ordinances.

  1. Garage Sales – You may have three (3) garage sales in a twelve month period and each one can be no more than 3 days. You must obtain a garage sale permit from City Hall at 401 East Goode before beginning the sale. Garage Sale permits are $10.00 per permit.
  2. Burning Garbage- You may not burn garbage, rubbish, or trash of any kind on any premises within the city limits. Special approval may be obtained by the Fire Marshal in some cases.
  3. Mowing Lots – Any person or business who owns or occupies any lot(s) within the City shall keep weeds, grass, and brush mowed. Also, any rubbish, objectionable or unsanitary matter may not accumulate or grow on lots. The Police Department also enforces a Tall Grass and Weeds Ordinance. Grass and weeds cannot exceed 12 inches. Upon written notice, occupants have 5 days to remove tall grass and weeds. Violation of this ordinance is subject to a fine of up to $200.
  4. Discharging Firearms - Discharging firearms is not permitted within the city limits of Quitman.
  5. Animals Control – It is unlawful for the owner of animals to permit them to run at large within the city limits of Quitman. Any animal found running at large will be impounded and fees applied. The City of Quitman enforces a leash ordinance. All animals must be under their owners’ control at all time. The City of Quitman Police Department provides animal control services for strays and loose animals found inside the city limits. Stray dogs and cats are kept a minimum of 72 hours. There is a $25 charge for the first day we house your pet. Fees increase $10 per offense up to $45.

*** You may contact City Hall (903.763.2223) for information on any other City ordinances.***

Thank you for your help in making Quitman a great place to live. If we can be of service to you, please do not hesitate to call us.

Important Phone Numbers:

Police Department 903.763.4410
Quitman City Hall 903.763.2223
Chamber of Commerce 903.763.4411
Recycling Center 903.763.2123

Republic Services 903.575.3100 (for bulk trash pick up) or 903.986.5318

PO BOX 1855
401 E.Goode, Quitman, TX 75783