Water Capital Projects & Rate Adjustment


52.17 Sewer Rates


(A) Monthly Meter Charge
a. The base charge for sewer service shall be $45.00 per month.
b. The sewer base meter charge shall be multiplied based on water meter size as follows:


Water Meter Size Multiplier Monthly Base Rate
3/4" // 5/8" 1.0 $ 45.00
1" 2.5 $ 112.50
1.5" 5.0 $ 225.00
2" 8.0 $ 360.00
3" 16.0  $ 720.00
4"+ 25.0 $1,125.00



c. The sewer base meter charge shall be reduced by 50% for any month in which water use is less than 1,000 gallons.
d. For residential users (not including irrigation only meters), the sewer base meter charge shall be reduced by 1/3 for any month in which water use is less than 2,500 gallons and equal to or more than 1,000 gallons.


(B) Sewer Use Charges
a. The sewer base meter charge for all residential users shall include the first 5,000 gallons of water/sewer use charge per month.
b. For all residential users, no sewer use charge shall be due for water use in excess of 15,000 gallons per month.
c. Use charges for sewer shall be $3.25 per 1,000 gallons of water use.


Utility Service Charges (effective 10/1/08)  
Requested Connection (24 hour notice) $ 15.00
Requested Disconnection (24 hour notice) $ 15.00
Transfer of Service (in lieu of disconnect / reconnect) $ 15.00
Disconnection due to Nonpayment $ 30.00
Reconnection Due to Nonpayment $ 30.00
Emergency Disconnection (less than 24 hour notice) $ 30.00
Emergency Reconnection (less than 24 hour notice) $ 30.00
Lockout (due to unauthorized use) $250.00


Any connection or disconnection requested to be performed after regular hours (M-F 8 A-5 P) will be double the above rates.


Returned Check or Returned Bank Draft $25.00
Late Charge for Payment after the 15th 10%


Utility Billing Schedule

Your meter is read shortly after the 15th of each month. Any meter read that appears to be incorrect due to large usage or incorrect sequence is automatically reread and confirmed. Utility bills are generated and mailed as quickly as possible before the first of the month. Payment is due on the 15th of each month or an additional 10% late charge will be added.



Avoid Disconnection

When payment for utility service is not received on the 15th, a late notice is sent out noting the disconnection date. Payment must be received prior to the disconnection date to avoid disconnection. Disconnections are generally not scheduled on Fridays to help avoid after-hours reconnections. When service is disconnected due to non-payment, a $30 service charge is added to your balance.


The entire outstanding balance plus an additional $30 reconnection charge must be paid prior to scheduling service reconnection.


If your account is not brought current and reconnected within two working days of being disconnected, your deposit will be used to pay the outstanding balance and your account closed. Anyone using service that is disconnected will have service locked out, a $250.00 lockout charge added to their account, and / or may face criminal charges.


Utility Deposits for New Service (effective 10/22/08)

New service requires a complete application packet, deposit and payment of the $15.00 connection or transfer of service charge. Deposits for new service is $150.00 for Residential and $200.00 for Commercial service. 

Deposits for interim service on a location that is unoccupied (generally for construction, cleaning, or other purposes) will be $50.00 and set-up of interim service will include a $15.00 connection or transfer of service charge.


Deposits are refundable upon disconnection once any remaining balance has been met.


Tap Fees for New Construction / Connection
¾” $900.00
1” $950.00
1 ½” $1150.00
2” $1350.00
4” $875.00
6” $1000.00
8” $1300.00


*All bores to be contract priced.

**Add $1500 to each sewer tap if a manhole is to be placed.


Quitman Water Report 2013